Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Soddom and Gomorrah - The Original Sin City

Genesis 19:5 They called to Lot, "Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them."

Let's play a game. We will call it - how many sins can we find in this one verse. I'll start. Homosexuality (that's the obvious one) - Violence (I'm sure this would not be consensual) - Greed (These men wanted something so bad they were willing to do anything to get it) - Lust (They obviously saw the men and something started raging) - Adultery (I'm pretty sure at least one of all the men in the city had a spouse). I'll stop there for now.

Since I work for Weight Watchers, I'm going to use another weight analogy. People who are overweight did not get there in one day. It was a constant daily choice of eating the wrong foods. You don't gain an extra 40 pounds by having a piece of cheesecake at a birthday party two weeks ago.

Sin is not lonely. Sin very rarely comes in single form. The city of Sodom was not being destroyed because people were committing one sin. It was the onslaught of the multitude of sin in their every day lives. Even now when we sin - it is not in single form - but if we catch it, we can stop the snowball effect. A curse word does not just fly out of the mouth on its own - the sin of rage may have come before it. Or, a lie might follow the sin of jealousy or envy or pride.

The decline of a nation became such because they allowed this multitude of sin to continue. In this one verse alone - all in one action - an entire city finds nothing wrong with all the sin that has consumed them. Just like eating whatever you think makes you feel good all day long - one day, you're out of control.

The good thing is, in both situations - you can start making healthier choices and eating better and lose the weight and get back in control. Just like you can go to God and ask Him to start helping you remove that sin in your life. Make no mistake - sin is rampant and free-flowing. So much so that sometimes we don't even realize we're sinning anymore. This is where we must ask God's guidance to keep us strong and hold us accountable so that we don't become like the city of Sodom and Gomorrah

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Todd G said...

You're so right, it's almost never just one sin - if ever. I've been trying a lot lately to "catch it" and "stop the snowball effect."

It's good advice.

Keep up the good work with your awesome insights.

Kay Martin said...

Satan is the deceiver and you have to "hook" someone when you are about deceit. As we "bite" the "bait" it feels good and looks benign. This is true with everything in your list and since I have the gluttony thing I know how innocent each bite of overeating looks as I eat it.

Adultery is so rampant in America and even in our churches that I hate to hear one more time, "But we're in love." We give the men the most press, but in adultery there is a woman who fell or jumped into that mess.

Since Satan tempts everyone with little beginning bait, shouldn't we all be most watchful on the small things?

Keep on with all of this ... it is so relevant and great.

Greg C said...

I like this comparison as I am aware of both failures in my life. For years I ate what I wanted and now I am having to relearn the proper way to eat in order to get my weight down. For years I only worried about myself and felt that I could control my own actions. However the attitudes and sins of the people around me started to rub off and pretty soon like you said, bad things just seemed ok. So now I am trying to change both things in my life. I still remember the proper way to eat and I still rember the proper way to live so now I just have to concentrate and stick to both.

Sharon said...

This is reallllly good! And you are so right. I am sinning and it's sad. I am over weight and need to lose it, and sometimes the temptations are irrestible. But you know I ask the Lord for help with everything except this, I have not prayed and asked the Lord for help in this area. I know what I have to do. Thank You for opening my eyes on this.

God Bless you my friend
I am feeling blessed today as well.

Edie said...

This sounds like our nation. Allowing then accepting then embracing one sin after another year after year.

I'm sure that the sins in Sodom and Gomorrah began with only one or two people but spread throughout the entire city as their behavior became more and more acceptable.

Chatty Kelly said...

Have you heard the song "Slow Fade" by Casting Crowns? It talks about how we don't change in one moment, rather it's a slow changing over time. Scary.