Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Job - Unwelcome home.

Job 1:6-7 One day the angels came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan also came with them. The LORD said to Satan, "Where have you come from?" Satan answered the LORD, "From roaming through the earth and going back and forth in it."

This was an interesting verse for me to read. I'll be honest - sometimes I read the Bible and 'nothing'. No insight, no understanding, zippo. Other times, I'll do a little research and things begin to get clearer and I can get a general idea on what God is really saying. This verse - even after all the research I did - came up differently to me than anything else I read. So - I can't say it's dipped in educational background or scholarly rhetoric - it's just from little ol' me. So here goes it.

Why is Satan walking in with the angels? I don't get that. Then it hit me - Satan, the master of disguise. . . maybe the angels don't realize who he is - is that possible? But notice that God doesn't rebuke the angels for hanging out with Satan - He speaks directly to Satan, himself. If this is true - if even the angels can be fooled by Satan, who are we to ever think we can come up against him without Jesus on our side. Who are we to ever think we can make it to get up out of bed without running into something Satan has cooked up for us and never even realize it. Thus the importance of morning quiet time - to get armed with Jesus before Satan ever has a chance to attack.

Satan answers God's question. He's not simply stating where he'd been, he's bragging. He's relishing the fact that he has been all through the earth and has inhabited the people there and had such an effect on them. We know that this is true of America today, but is it true in our own lives? If Satan had come to our door and toured our homes, would he be able to brag to God like he does here in verse 7? Would he be able to come in unknown, unrecognized and welcomed.

Oh God - we need You

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debrah said...

Wow Dorothy this is good. How many ways do we welcome the enemy of our souls into our homes...through tv,reading material, internet, words we speak or allow others to speak in our presence, our thoughts...putting off prayer or bible study for another time...you are so right we need God...

sailorcross said...

This one verse speaks so much!! Can't you just picture it--satan there saying this--probably with a swagger of his hips included--telling God that he's been invading HIS people's lives, thoughts with his devious ways!

I can just imagine the smugness in his face when he answered.

And it's so true--we need to guard ourselves against so many things that could come into our own homes that are really deliveries from satan.

I don't know about you, but satan always uses the same tricks on me--time and time again. He knows my weaknesses and he will try to use them if I'm not careful!!

And these tricks ALWAYS start in my thought processes--a thought placed by satan in my mind that is untrue about myself. And if I'm not careful, this can grow and grow until I believe it--again. You see, he has all my old tapes from my past and he tries to replace my new creation from God with the old me.



Greg C said...

Where has the time gone? I am just now catching up on your Job posts. I will start commenting on this one because it is so true in my life. I find that God's word is like water to a runner. If I start out running and get dehydrated, then there is no way to catch up and I end up losing my strength and having to quit. However if I start out with a good amount of water in my system then I can make it to the end of the race just fine by taking in a little as I go along. When I start my day by reading the Bible and little daily chanenges come along, I can easily take them on but when It has been a while since I read, then I have to go back and try to regain my strength and usually I end up losing those battles. Did that make sense?