Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I went to visit my mom this past weekend. She is such a wonderful mom. Always encouraging, always sweet, always mommy. It brought to light the true accomplishments of someone who has decided to raise up children under the leadership of God. The title of 'mommy' does not come easily and should not be taken lightly.

Were you aware that in America, only 12% of women within child bearing years are infertile? And that doesn't mean forever infertile - that's 12% of women who at one time or another struggled to have children or could not bring a child to term. While it is heartbreaking for those women who really want to have children of their own, there are billions of women who have conceived. Many of whom struggle with the choice of deciding whether or not they want to be a mom. The truth of the matter is, it doesn't take much to become a mother - but it takes a whole lot to become a "mom".

Sadly, many times we don't realize this until we become moms ourselves - only then do we truly appreciate our own mommys.

You see, to be a mother, it only takes 6-9 months - but to earn the title of 'mom' takes a lifetime. It takes staying up to rock a crying baby when you'd rather go to bed. It takes sacrificing your time to make sure your child makes it to band rehearsal or basketball practice. It takes stopping whatever it is your doing to see the dance that was just made up and hear the song that goes along with it. It takes giving up getting your nails done or hair done or a new outfit for yourself, so your child can get a new dress for that special night or tickets to that concert they've been dying to go to. It takes letting them make a mess in the kitchen because they've learned to be a helper - even if it isn't a help at all. It takes making them take their medicine when their sick even if they don't like you for it later. It takes punishing them even though they think you're the worst mom ever so they learn the right way to act later on in life. It takes going to church even though you've been there all week long because their excitement to be in church is more important than your tiredness. It takes responding calmly even when they're yelling because we know that scripture tells us not to provoke wrath in our children. Does being a 'mommy' come easy - absolutely not! We fail, we tire, we are human - but that is what makes the title so precious. A mom is one who has been charged by God to raise her children according to the example that Jesus gives us in the Bible.

Some of us have been blessed to be raised by Godly examples of moms - I am one of those women. I now have four children of my own and would be lost without the guidance from God and what I learned by example. So, thank you 'Momma' - I love you!