Friday, January 16, 2009

Job - Ends

Job 3 - 42.

The story of Cinderella is a classic. Every little girls dream fantasy of going to a ball and being swept off their feet by a handsome man. But I'd like to look at a different part of this story. Cinderella is badly treated by her step-mother and step-sisters. Yet, she remains kind and continues her daily work. Then, she gets this amazing opportunity to go to the ball and her dreams are dashed when her family makes it impossible for her to attend. We all know the rest of the story, and towards the end, in the midst of being mistreated, the prince arrives and announces that it is Cinderella who he has been looking for and asks for her hand in marriage - even in all this excitement, she accepts the apologies of her family and forgives them.

For the next 35 Chapters in Job, Job and his friends have a conversation. One where the friends tell Job that he should not be putting up with what he's going through because he doesn't deserve it and Job defends God saying that He is the almighty and he'll take whatever He decides to give. It's a long read, but the one-liners that Job comes up with are true and amazing. For 35 chapters Job goes on and on defending God and talking of His greatness only to the constant debate from his friends. And then it happens, the Lord speaks. Like the prince coming for Cinderella, God confirms that it is Job. Job is the man of whom He is proud. God berates the friends for their behavior and tells them it is up to Job to pray for their forgiveness ( and they have to sacrifice things) and He'll listen to him.

Can you imagine - going through all the struggle, all that pain and then - through the clouds - to hear the voice of God justify your argument.

Here's the thing: If we continue to stay strong in the word, to praise God even in the times of struggle that we have, to call on His name when we know we are weak - we Will hear the voice of God. It will be our comfort in the hurt and our strength through the storm.

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debrah said...

Hi Dorothy:
I have an award for you on my other blog(Community Prayer)...have a great week-end

Greg C said...

I hear Him when I pray. He always answers me. I believe he always answers everyone but people just don't listen. I loved reading Job with you.

Edie said...

Hi Dorothy! I sure have fallen behind on my blog reading lately. I've been reading about Joseph and as I read this post, that's who I kept thinking about. I guess I just never noticed the similarity in these two stories before.

Have a great week!