Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Job - Why Are You Even Here?

Job 2:4-6 "Skin for skin!" Satan replied. "A man will give all he has for his own life. But stretch out your hand and strike his flesh and bones, and he will surely curse you to your face." The LORD said to Satan, "Very well, then, he is in your hands; but you must spare his life."

I had a hang nail. I pulled it out. It throbbed. It seemed like my whole hand would fall off. Isn't that how we are? One small thing causes us pain and we have trouble focusing on anything else. I have never had to go through any serious illness, so I can't imagine the stress and pain of living a day with this type of situation.

Satan has come up with yet another reason why Job didn't curse God. "If Job was unhealthy, if his body was in pain - then he would curse You". It would make sense. That would be the next step. People all over the world do it today - curse God for their cancer or their AIDS or their heart condition. What would make Job any different? God said 'okay'. He allowed it to happen.

Here is the thing that I noticed. He wants Job's life spared. Satan is allowed to cripple him, give him disease, cause him to be blind, mute or deaf - but not kill him. God doesn't want Job dead because God still needs for him to serve His purpose on earth. To let others see God in Job. If you haven't figured it out yet, we, as Christians, have one purpose on this earth. To tell others about Christ. That's it! That's the bottom line. Children, spouses, jobs, education, homes: these are all just perks along the way - but none of these things matter if we are not striving for that one goal of sharing Christ with others.

So if disease takes over our bodies - if we are crippled - if mental anguish has taken its hold - until we are with Christ in heaven we must strive for our goal. If God has you here on earth - in whatever capacity - He needs you. He needs you to continue toward the goal until He calls you homeward.

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Greg C said...

Isn't that the truth. In all things, good and bad, give thanks to God. I truly believe that there is a purpose for everything that happens and also a small ray of sunshine in even the worst of days. You just have to look for it. So many people focus on the bad side and never see the good. I thought when I got near the end of Job that he was going to give in but I am so glad that he didn't.

Edie said...

This is so ture Dorothy. It's one of those Truths that we know but often only on the surface. The more I think about eternity, the more I can truely grasp this Truth.

The other day someone told me I go "overboard" when it comes to Christ. It hurt me but mainly because I knew this person isn't a Christian. God keeps me praying for him.

Enjoy your day!

debrah said...

I agree with Edie I know this but only on the surface...if I cannot praise God and be His obedient servant during the minor scrapes of life(more than a few are self inflicted) then how can I expect to stand during the bigger trials that may be lurking ahead? Thank you for this post that we recognize that we are to strive for the goal today and everyday until He calls us home...

sailorcross said...

You go, Dorothy!! This is Christ's commandment to us--to go spread the Good News and bring others to Him.

Sometimes, I feel frustrated in this--like people aren't watching or listening. But, I do know that sometimes I may just be the seed planter. Someone else the soil, someone else the water, someone else the fertilizer--all joined together for one purpose!

We may not see the outcome of our seed planting. But God does.