Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten Lepers - Who Do You Think You Are?

Luke 17-14 When He saw them, He said to them, Go and show yourselves to the priests." And as they were going, they were cleansed.

I am a pretty fearless kind of gal. Not too much phases me anymore. I'm fine with rollercoasters, heights, water, bugs - I may not like them all, but not really 'afraid' of them. However, I still have a reverent fear for authority. Never wanted to be called to the principals office or even sternly talked to by a teacher. Even in a business setting, if there is a closed door and the receptionist says to 'go on in' - I'm very uneasy about that. Who am I to open the door of an obviously very busy person in authority?

These lepers had just been told by Jesus to go to the priests - men in a very high position. These leperous men who had spent quite some time avoiding any personal contact with anyone for so long and now are being told to show up unannounced. Just taking that step of faith without arguing when told to do so by Jesus - certainly shows faith and courage in Jesus. Lepers who went to the priests only went so after they were healed. The priests would give confirmation that they were no longer lepers. People that still had the disease didn't go. But these men, when called to do so by Jesus, did what they were told without hesitation and they were healed by the time they got to the priests.

Can you imagine, just for a moment, if we did what Jesus told us to do the very first time? What kind of miracle is awaiting us? What adventure might we encounter on our trip? What lives might we change if we take that leap of faith and trust Jesus and do what we are told to do the moment Jesus speaks?

2 wonderful insights:

Kay Martin said...

You hit the target today. Dare we operate in obedience even when the call of God runs counter to acceptable custom? Recently I have had several saints I admire come to me for advise and help. I have my favorite scriptures in mind and then I sense in my spirit that God is giving me word pictures for these folks. Some of them are unusual and I hesitate. In every instance when I have shared with them the little scenarios with no explanation they have gasped. Suddenly they are telling me how they see the main thing. I'm standing back scratching my head saying, "You do?"

Yesterday I felt from God to listen. I served a friend a meal and listened. She kept thanking me for helping her. I scratched my head and asked, "Did I help?" She went on and on about how much better she felt.

I have much to learn on obedience to the call of God. I can only imagine the courage and faith these lepers had to have in their culture to obey the Word of our Lord.

Thanks again for your opening up the Bible.

Greg C said...

I often wonder where that risky road leads. I sometimes feel the urge to take that leap of faith but I hesitate. I need more faith.