Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Samson begins - We Need a Hero!

Judges 13:1 Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the LORD, so the LORD delivered them into the hands of the Philistines for forty years.

Throughout Bible history, we see God accomplishing victory after victory for those that choose to follow Him. David against Goliath; Joshua at Jericho; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego facing King Nebuchadnezzar; situations that were - at best - entirely impossible to come out victorious: yet, with God's intervention, each situation resulted in glorifying Him.

We can look at the founding of America the same way. The men who fought for our country in those early days were Christians. The American Revolution was won, even when all signs pointed towards Britain claiming America as their own. This was not a coincidence - it was God's hand providing for the men who had asked for It. The Battle of Trenton was a true example of a Christian man (Washington) leading his troops into a battle that could only be victorious with God at the hel

It's not surprising that America has suffered terrorist attacks. The bombing of U.S. Embassy's, the threats from the Libyans, American hostages and hijackings: we, as a country, are forgetting about God. This same country that relied on God for saving grace in 1776, now doesn't even want God with our children in the school systems. We no longer consider His promise of the rainbow anything more than an emblem for living a lifestyle that
God said was against His will. We kill innocent babies because they may be an inconvenience and recognize the flowers and earth as an 'accident' from a cosmic explosion. We've slapped God in the face and wonder why our government is in the shape it's in.

This is what is going on right before the time when Samson was to be born. A people who had once been faithful and focused on serving God had turned from His ways. Now God decided to remove His hand of protection from them and in turn, the Philistines would have their time. How scary for the Israelites who did not know what was to come
next - where would their saving grace come from?

America has a Savior - we've just forgotten who He is. We are scared and worried about the outcome of the leaders in our country - but know this: God is in control. Not McCain and not Obama (thank God). One day every knee will bow and everyone will say, "Jesus is the Son of God" and then all this talk of abortion and homosexuality will be finalized and God will have the last say. Until then, let's pray for our country and its members that we will remember God so that He will remember us.

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sailorcross said...

Hi Dorothy!!

First, I want to thank you for your encouragement on my Love Dare. It is an effort on my part, but then again, how much effort has God made in pursuing me, how much love has He shown me? Am I unable to show that same love to my children, whom I love dearly?

God has so much in His control, and yet He still has time for me. I cannot even begin to fathom this most of the time.

So, what time and effort I am putting into this is miniscule compared to time and effort God has put into pursuing me.

I love C. S. Lewis' description of God--"The Hound of Heaven"--pursuing each of us like a bloodhound--in LOVE!!

Now--we're doing Samson? Alright!!
I was waiting this morning to see who was next!! I'm learning so much from you, and I have to thank you for that!!

As for our country--I agree-we, as a country, have turned from God. We live in this fallen world and wonder why. I was in first grade when prayer was taken out of the school system. In the beginning of the year, we always said a prayer before our day began--by the middle of that year--gone!! I grew up in Baltimore, MD and I think we all know who had a great part to play in that decision. And where is she now?

Sorry for the very long comment-- just had a lot to say this morning!!

We need to pray for our country, that whoever is elected will turn to God and follow HIS direction for our country. We are a lot like the Israelites, wandering around, what is going to happen next?

As I look around at our world--the different events happening on a day to day basis--all of this has already been prophesied in the Bible. We need to be prepared, and turning our focus on Jesus is the only way!

Have a very wonderful and blessed day!!


Kay Martin said...

You've hit a good place to seek God's Word for right now. I think the "hero" seekers have increased in this information age. The means of spreading marketing/spin have increased so rapidly that the hype on a person can be distributed widely and quickly. Nobodies can "Samsons" in a few weeks.

None of us can move in this world with any security and assurance except we are filled and led by the Spriit of God. In our best judgment we will fare no better than Samson in his people choices.

May we all pray for America. I just purchased a car tag with the words "In God we trust." May we all proclaim and affirm this when we look at our money with this printed on it and when we pass cars, etc. with this written on it.

Looking forward to you teaching us through this Bible study.

Sharon said...

This is Sooo gooood!, You wrote this beautifully, and it's so true. I agree we all need to come together and pray for our country, and for whom ever becomes president, Lets hope they don't wait till its a major castrophe before they turn to God for help.

I agree also that it's all playing out just like the Bible says, and yes we dooo need to be prepared.
I will ponder this for the rest of the day!! Thank you for a wonderful post.
Have a Blessed Day my friend
Sharon :)

Edie said...

Excellent post Dorothy! We SO need to take this seriously and pray for our nation, but also to REPENT from our hearts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice "meeting" you!