Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exercise - the new 4-letter word... times 2.

1Cr 9:25 Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last; but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.

Being a part of the weight-loss industry, no one wants to be told they have to exercise.  it's the 'Voldemort' of the corporation - the word that should never be spoken. We all know it exists, but pretend it's not there.

In January of this year, my oldest daughter decided she wanted to start doing the podrunner - 10 weeks to 5k together. Intervals of walking and jogging to a beat downloaded to your ipod. Needless to say I was reluctant to start this endeavor - I knew it would be a commitment and hard work.  Be that as it may, I agreed to join in and am happy to report that, four months later, I am currently up to a steady 2 1/2 mile jog three times a week.  This half hour of exercise is so much more than just the hope of thinner thighs.  The realization that came to me in the midst of the hyperventilating went beyond just trying to burn calories.

God has called us for a purpose.  To tell others about Him.  What does that mean exactly?  I think it means that no matter where you are, Always Be Prepared.  If God tells you to share Jesus with an elderly person by painting their house, would you?  If God told you to share Jesus by working with inner city youth in a sports league, would you do it? Could you do it?  Would you be physically able to travel to a third world country and hike over dirt roads to deliver the gospel if God asked you to?

When soldiers enlist in the military, they are trained and required to maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Why? Because if they are called into battle - they better be able to complete the task they are called to do.

Of course the argument can be made that if God wants you to do something, can't He give you the power to do it or work around it?  (Think Aaron and Moses) Yes, Absolutely. He is God after all.  However, if there was a choice between the lackadaisical Christian who may offer up a prayer every once in a while and the Christian who has studied, made himself physically capable for most tasks and who's prayer life is constantly full of "God, Send Me" - who is God more likely to use?

In my recent prayer life, where I've been questioning why God hasn't chosen to use me in a big and magical way, He has reminded me that I'm in the middle of a task that He has already called me to - raising my four children under His guidance - which is big AND magical.  And He said that's enough for me right now.  But I will still train, I'll still be encouraged by the music I run to, I will still study because I know the war is coming - and hopefully my children and I will be ready for battle.

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Miawa said...

This reminds me of a sermon I heard a few years ago when I was wondering also - "God give me some small thing today that YOU can make great" The message hit me like a ton of bricks! This is a very insightful post I enjoyed the visit and bless you. "Being Ready" is a wonderful message.