Sunday, November 16, 2008

Samson - An eye for an eye just causes blindness.

Judges 15:6-8 When the Philistines asked, "Who did this?" they were told, "Samson, the Timnite's son-in-law, because his wife was given to his friend." So the Philistines went up and burned her and her father to death. Samson said to them, "Since you've acted like this, I won't stop until I get my revenge on you." He attacked them viciously and slaughtered many of them. Then he went down and stayed in a cave in the rock of Etam.

In 1992 in Los Angeles, the reports of the Rodney King incident raced over the airwaves and television stations. The seemingly senseless beatings by white police officers to the African American Mr. King rocked the attitudes of the community. The tension between the races in California remained strong.

The Philistines - unknowingly - have started their own war. Samson has burned their towns and they have retaliated by killing his 'ex'-wife and father. Samson in turn, slaughters many of them. This is now a vicious cycle.

While we know that God's purpose for Samson is to destroy the Philistines, there is a lesson inside of this. As true as we see it in the life of Samson - as true as it was in Los Angeles - it is true today. Violence begets violence. It only takes one to walk away. It can be as simple as a soft response to a spouses' rant. It's not always easy to ignore the person cursing at you from his car or the upset parent who's kid just got outrun by yours.
Jesus didn't yell at the men who pounded the nails in His hands and He didn't threaten the men who thrust the crown of thorns on His head. What an example to follow - what a testament of unconditional love - what a Savior.

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Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Yes what a great Savior we have!
Love your Christmas countdown at the top of your blog too!
Much love,

Kay Martin said...

When we pause and wait for God's best it is amazing what He can do through Holy Spirit to calm us on the inside. Those times I have been submissive and not set things straight out of my justice wisdom; I have awed at the true desires I have for those whose actions hurt me.

God's way is the only way. Thank you for your insight and wisdom.

Chatty Kelly said...

A hard lesson today, Dorothy. "Human" nature says yell back. I have a very hard time holding my tongue. So much that I often quote the James verse about the tongue being like the rudder of a ship - small - but steering the entire ship.

I love the comparisons to Jesus. May I be more like him everyday.