Tuesday, May 12, 2009

John The Baptist - An Introductory Beginning

The best made intentions are nothing without execution. I could make five different lists for every day of the week of the different things I needed to do to keep my time managed, I could make a totally separate stack of lists for the different meals I needed to eat during the week to keep my weight managed, And yet another set of lists of incoming monies and outgoing fees so as to keep my finances managed, lastly, a completely different list of scriptures for the things I would be encountering throughout the week to help keep my spiritual life managed, however, if I set my lists aside on the kitchen counter and never bother to look at them - I've simply wasted a lot of time list-making.

When do we get a break? When does the opportunity come that we can let things slide for a little while and still be able to stay on track? Even if we are following our lists play by play - an unannounced, spur of the moment, going away party can throw every aspect of our lives into a tizzy. We'd then have to rearrange our already scheduled time management list to squeeze in this party. We'd have to adjust our meal list so as to not disrupt our weight management plan. We'd have to buy a gift for this party, which means a refiguring of our finance management. A new set of people and circumstances would certainly be cause for a change in prayer and scriptures for that day - meaning doubling up on devotional time for our spiritual management, causing another time management change. Life is always throwing a curveball.

These past few weeks, for me, have been nothing but curveballs and fastballs and changeups and any other baseball metaphor I can think of. I may have had a few bunts here and there, possibly got to first base on one or two - but am quite certain, by the lack in execution of my lists, that there were no home runs to be had.

How does one stay on track in all aspects of their life when Satan keeps attacking? I believe I will come across some of those answers studying the next person on my list (my OTHER list) - John The Baptist.

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sailorcross said...

I was wondering where you've been. Now, I see.

Well, it sounds like we have both been on the same baseball team and we certainly didn't come close to winning (or even being in) the World Series!!

I'll be looking forward to John the Baptist.


Greg C said...

We must be in the same ball game. I feel like I am standing in front of one of those pitching machines and it is set on high. If I take the time to try to hit one ball another one strikes me in the back. I just keep shouting Calgon take me away. Cheer up, We wouldn't keep getting hit like this if God didn't have big plans for us. He is preparing us for the World Series and we will be ready.