Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas - Politically Correct vs. Correct

At what point did we decide that we had to be politically correct about December 25th? And at what point did it become more important to be politically correct instead of just plain correct? Frankly, I don't care if you wish me a "Happy Holiday" or a festive "Seasons Greetings", but don't try to remove Jesus from the holiday or play down its importance.

Christmas became a government holiday in 1870. President Grant decided it should be observed by the country as a whole, and congress agreed. It was a time designated to celebrate the birth of Christ - we all know that an exact date is not available, so we picked one, December 25th. Yet, so many people have tried to disprove the validity of Christmas as a Christian holiday and come up with one excuse after another to get Jesus removed from it.

During this same time period, Grant also declared January 1st a holiday. New Years Day. Yet no one ever tries to doubt the validity or meaning of January 1st. No one tells the government that we've misread the stars or the alignment of the solar system and the actual first day of the new rotation of the earth is not really January 1st. The existence of January 1 being established as a holiday to celebrate the New Year has never been questioned.

As well as January 1 being established as a holiday, July 4th was also determined to be an American government holiday by Grant in 1870. A day to honor our independence as a country after the long Revolutionary War was finished. If people with British heritage were to begin an argument with the government saying that their great great grandfathers died at the hands of Americans so they are offended that we would celebrate that victory - would our government declare July 4th should no longer be established because they didn't want to offend those citizens? Absolutely not.

What about Veteran's Day? November 11th. In 2006, an estimated 37.5 million immigrants were now citizens of our country. What if they said, "we fought for the service in our previous country, we're offended that we are not recognized as veterans" - would we change Veteran's Day to include anyone who's ever served in any military any where? No - that would be ridiculous. The service men and women have worked hard to protect our rights and freedoms here in America.

But people will walk on eggshells around those who might get upset if you say Jesus should remain in Christmas. It's okay to offend Christians, those who appreciate the eternal freedom from a Savior who gave His life.

So, as an American Christian - I will continue to celebrate New Years Day - I will toot my paper horn with the excitement of what may come and a remembrance of the year gone by. I will continue to celebrate July 4th. I will fly my flag high and appreciate those men and women who fought in the American Revolution and founded our country and their sacrifice so that we can be a free nation. I will continue to honor Veteran's Day. I will thank my American soldiers for their efforts in the service even when I may not agree with what the government has done, I will uphold our Veteran's holiday. And finally, I will celebrate Christmas in the manner in which it was established - a day to thank God for the gift of His son Jesus. I will display a manger scene and a Christmas tree. I will say Merry Christmas and thank those who wish me a 'Happy Holiday". I will continue to teach my children the reason why we celebrate Christmas and continue to feel sorry for and pray for those who are offended by it.

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Edie said...

Amen Dorothy! You expressed this SO well! We have become "culturally correct" and have conformed to this world.

I went watched your daughter's video. OUTSTANDING! You are raising up God-fearing children. Amen.

I love your heart my sister.

Edie said...

I watched, not I "went". :D

Stephen Baird said...

Merry Christmas! Well said ... and in caring fashion for those who disagree.
NikonSniper Steve

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

Thank you so much for the comment. I really needed to hear that today. I am so glad so got so much out of it because that is the point. Growing closer to Jesus. Thanks! God's timing is perfect. Thanks for being my encouragement today.
Much love,

Ninette said...

Amen and Amen,
This is so true,

Finally, i can also have an answer to give those who disagree!